Shared Health Alliance

We can help you with comprehensive shared plans that are ACA Approved! 

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SHA Plan Overview

•100% shareable (no MRA) for preventive care

•$0 Copay Virtual Primary Care Program–Access to diagnosis and treatment of nearly 1500 conditions

•Low MRAs for PCP, Specialist, X-ray / Lab, Urgent Care, MRI, Testing (Premier Sharing Level)

•Low MRA Drug Card on All Plans

•High Cost Maintenance and Specialty Med Access through 


Sedera and SHA

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Supplemental Insurance

We offer Accident and Critical Illness Supplemental Insurance Plans! Ask us about a FREE quote and consultation to fill in the gaps of Major Medical coverages!


Sedera and SHA Brochure: Click HERE

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We Care

We pride ourselves on being a brokerage who seeks to find the right plans and coverage for you. Let us shop around for quotes and plans! We offer Major Medical Plans, Shared Plans, Accident and Critical Illness Supplements, and Short Term Plans. 

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Sedera Health Insurance

A Medical Cost Sharing Community

High-end, affordable healthcare without the hassle of insurance

​The Sedera Health medical cost sharing model boldly challenges the insurance status quo. Through an innovative layering of healthcare services, we enable individuals and families access to high quality healthcare that is affordable, flexible and effective.